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Method for cleaning stainless steel spring

Washing method by surface state:
General considerations for washing please note no spring scratch the surface to avoid the use of bleach constituents and containing abrasive washing liquid, a steel ball (brush roller ball), grinding tools, in order to get rid of the washing liquid and washing at the end, with clean water rinse surface.
Surface condition and washing method
Dust and easy to get rid of dirt - use soap, weak lotion or wash with warm water;
Labels and film - with warm water and weak detergent to scrub;
Binder composition - use alcohol or organic solution;
Contamination of fats, oils, and lubricants -- with a soft cloth or paper to dry with a neutral detergent or ammonia solution or a special detergent to wash;
Bleaching agent and the kind of acid attachment - immediately rinse with water, ammonia or neutral sodium carbonate solution in the immersion, after the use of neutral detergent or warm water washing;
The organic carbide is attached to the neutral detergent or ammonia solution soaked in hot water and then washed with weak ground;
Fingerprints - use alcohol or organic solvents (ethyl ether, benzene), dry with a soft cloth after the use of water washing;
Rainbow pattern too much - the use of detergent or oil caused by washing with warm water, neutral detergent;
Welding heat discoloration, with 10% nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid solution washing, and then ammonia soda light solution and processing and then water washing, specially washed drug use;
Surface contamination caused by rust - the use of nitric acid (10%) or abrasive detergent washing - the use of special washing drugs.
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