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Spring structure

The name of each part of the spring is:
(1) spring wire diameter d: manufacture of steel wire diameter.
(2) the maximum diameter of the spring outside diameter of the spring D.
(3) the inner diameter of the spring D1: the minimum diameter of the spring.
(4) the diameter of the spring D2: the average diameter of the spring. The calculation formulae are as follows: D2= (D+D1, 2=D1+d=D-d)
(5) t: in addition to the support ring, the spring adjacent to the corresponding point in the middle of the diameter of the axial distance into the pitch, with t said.
(6) the effective number of n: spring can keep the same pitch circle.
(7) the support ring number N2: in order to make the spring in the work of the uniform, to ensure the vertical axis of the end face, manufacturing, often the spring at both ends and tight. And the number of rings is only a supporting role, known as the support ring. Generally have 1.5T, 2T, 2.5T, commonly used is 2T.
(8) the total number of n1: effective number of cycles and the supporting ring. That is n1=n+n2.
(9) the height of the free height H0: spring under the action of the outside force. Calculated by the following formula: H0=nt+ (n2-0.5) d=nt+1.5d (n2=2)
(10) the spring length L: the length of the steel wire needed to make the spring. L = N1 (C. D2) 2+n2 (L= D2 n+ spring) successfully developed length of hook (spring)
(11) the spiral direction: there are about the rotation of the points, commonly used, the drawings did not indicate the general use of right hand.


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