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Analysis on the development of spring industry in China

Spring is a kind of mechanical parts that work with flexibility. Generally made of spring steel. Spring is small but as a common base, large volume and variety of complex, is used to control the mechanical movement, easing impact or vibration, with energy storage, measurement of the size, widely used in machinery, instrument, applications involving almost all fields of the national economy. In recent years our country national economy rapid development also promotes the rapid growth of the spring industry of our country, experts predict, this growth trend will continue to 2010 industry wide sales will exceed 40 billion yuan. According to the analysis, there are five large market demand for spring products: transportation, daily hardware, instrumentation and electronic appliances, industrial and mining accessories, overseas export market.
Transport market is the strongest driving force
Transportation market, including automobiles, motorcycles, diesel engines and railway industries to provide supporting and maintenance of a spring, which is spring industry the most important and the most promising market, sales of close to 40% of the industry as a whole, only automobile industry in 2002 spring demand for 700 million pieces and valve spring 1 billion (including motorcycles, diesel engine manufacturing), stable bar 120 million. 2002 for these industries supporting and providing maintenance parts spring total sales of more than 1 billion yuan.
In the next 5-7 years, China's auto industry will enter the stage of rapid growth, the annual growth rate will remain in the 15%~25%, in 2003 the demand for suspension spring is expected to close to 10 million, the stable pole demand 1 million 600 thousand. The rapid development of automobile industry of spring industry have a significant role in boosting, has become the biggest users of spring industry, and has attracted the attention of foreign counterparts spring, in addition to the preemptive step to enter the Chinese market of several foreign and joint venture recently the type strains of the Japanese clockwork will agency, Central clockwork Co., Ltd. has also entered the Chinese, in order to occupy a position in this market.
There is a spring industry great potential market of railway system, with the deepening of the reform of the railway system, the market gradually opening to the outside world and the implementation of high-speed rail plan, the vehicle damping system face upgrading, the railway line to installation of a new type of damping and noise reducing components, will bring enormous business opportunities to the spring industry, there have been enterprises have been listed as the Ministry of Railways high-speed train spring fixed-point units, there are units in the development of metal rubber compound spring for high speed railway track vibration damping and noise reduction. At present, the market of railway system has just begun to open up to the outside world, although it is not open, but the potential is considerable.
In the next few years, the motorcycle industry will not have much of the growth will continue to maintain the current annual output of 13 million vehicles, motorcycle damping spring and a clutch spring demand remained at 50 million and 40 million level, and to improve environmental requirements, decline in the proportion of two stroke motorcycle, increasing the proportion of four stroke, bring certain increment to the valve spring.
Daily hardware market demand
Daily necessities industry and hardware industry, including lighters, toys, locks, door hinge, fitness, mattress, sofa and so on, in terms of numbers, the demand for spring, tens of billions of pieces, technical requirement is not high, the price is very low, general by dispersed throughout the country by a small spring factory production, they cost have unique advantages, the big spring plant to and their competition. In recent years, the domestic market demand for daily hardware products, driven by the growth of supporting springs, which also led to the birth of a new spring enterprises, in the future, the market demand will grow at an annual rate of 7%~10%. After China's accession to the WTO, the export volume of daily hardware products increased significantly, and the demand of spring has been pulled, but the international market has its own uncertainty.
Instruments and appliances market starts to recover
Instrumentation and electrical and electronic spring typical products such as brush spring, spring, spring camera, computer keyboard spring, instrument fittings spring switch, this kind of spring leaf spring, a guide spring many, different material and technology requirements vary greatly. A few years ago, the domestic instrumentation, electronic appliances industry by the impact of imported products, the general downturn, the spring for its manufacturers are being dragged down, the recent improvement tends to recover.
Industrial and mining products market is in the adjustment
Industrial products to this market from textile machinery shake spring frame to chemical spring, power switch and support and hanger spring, bulldozers, spring and so on, covering the transportation industry in addition to other industrial sectors, products material, technical requirements and process difference of spring demand and market on demand for means of production, the scale of construction projects into a proportional relationship. A few years ago by the influence of industrial structure, this market has been in wandering state, have recently rebounded, but still not adjusted to get rid of the situation.
Huge potential for overseas market
According to customs statistics, nearly two years, China's annual exports of spring at about 2.2 million tons, most of which are leaf springs, coil spring accounted for only in a small part, mainly daily hardware spring product structure, the destination for the Hong Kong and Taiwan. Die spring, auto parts springs have a small amount of exports to Japan, Europe and the United States, Southeast Asia market, but did not really enter the OEM matching. In recent years, some American Motor Corp to reduce procurement costs, including the spring, including the purchase of auto parts to China, to create a Chinese spring into the United States OEM supporting the market precedent. With the establishment of the status of China's manufacturing industry and the spring industry technology and product quality level, the spring export market has broad prospects.The improvement of product quality level, spring export market prospect is broad. Estimated that by 2005 the proportion of industrial output value of exports of spring products will reach about 5%, exports increased to $70 million.
According to statistics show that the industrial output of the industrial developed countries, exports of about 15%~20%. In the long term, there is a great potential market for Spring Export in China. Spring enterprise of our country should be depending on the situation to take specific actions, such as with foreign enterprises strengthen cooperation and the introduction of foreign advanced technology, to improve the quality of the products, enhance competition ability, a well-known brand, expand the product's international influence, to seize a greater share of the international market.


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