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Dongguan city and Chi hardware Co., Ltd. in 12th Five-Year development planning objectives

First, people-oriented, strengthen the integration of production and research, to the company as a platform, research institutes as the carrier, the establishment of high-quality corporate team. Improve the modern enterprise system, improve the comprehensive management capabilities, comprehensive import and through the ISO/TS16949 quality management system certification.
Two, accelerate the construction of engineering and technology center, improve the ability of independent innovation and research and development level.
Three, brand strategy to boost the company's development, so that the "bright spring" product manufacturing level reached the world level.
Four, the size of the adjustment to promote the growth of a significant change, increase investment, so that the device configuration to reach the world's top level. Enterprise production and marketing in the annual rate of 30% increase, the end of 12th Five-Year to achieve annual output of 1 billion.
Five, the gradual expansion of market share. And related enterprises at home and abroad to establish a sustainable strategic partnership, the company has become the preferred supplier of automotive electrical appliances.


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