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Dongguan city and Chi hardware Co., Ltd.: located in the Chinese manufacturing city of Dongguan, Guangdong, is a professional engaged in R & D, design, manufacture, sales in one of the precision spring plant. The company imported Taiwan and foreign advanced equipment and production technology, the CNC computer spring machine specializing in the production of various types of special-shaped spring, a tension spring, a pressure spring, torsion spring, battery spring, spring nozzle, card spring, flat square wire spring, constant force spring, a spring, a shrapnel, and all kinds of high precision spring buckle. Its products are widely used in all kinds of hardware, lamps and lanterns, electronic toys, electrical appliances, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, digital products, mobile phones, screw sets, sports equipment and other fields.
The company has a full set of first-class production and testing equipment, are currently the most in 10 mm below the CNC automatic spring machine, spring production line diameter of the smallest 0.08MM-10MM is Dongguan City, the first with 10mm below the line size CNC spring machine, spring processing network continuous tempering furnace, cleaning machine. Spring testing equipment, such as: two dimensional projector, torque tester, pressure test machine, salt spray test machine, comprehensive and effective to ensure the quality of the spring.
guiding ideology
Guidelines: integrity and pragmatic, excellence, quality first, customer first.
Companies adhering to the "innovation, excellence, pragmatic and efficient" spirit of enterprise, "quality first, integrity-based, customer first" business philosophy.
HSF policy: the prevention of environmental pollution, control of hazardous substances, the spirit of the eternal super, continuous improvement.



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